Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Segmen: Europe Lucky Draw by Trigyy"

Hello & Annyeonghaseyo pll.

How are u today? May god bless uoll for every seconds.

Ok, hari punyer entri nak kecoh pasal segmen Lucky Draw. Hadiah die best sgt sbb from oversea. Pergh, kaya orang yg nak kasi hadiah nie. Bukan senang nak dapat oversea stuffs. Remember, rezeki jgn ditolak! Only 5 lucky ppl like uoll jer yg akan dapat. Hurry and join in this lucky draw. :)

Nak tau camner cara nak dapat these awesome gifts, klik down here:

Easy as that.  Just follow the rules. 
Hurm...maybe I should give uoll something from Aussie too. What uoll think??? Comments yerk!


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