Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am officially AUSTRALIAN!!!

Salam & annyeonghaseyo uoll :)

How are you today?Fine? I hope so because who wants to get sick,right?Hihihi...
Ok, hari nie xnak story banyak2 because nanti xcukup space pulak nanti. But, what I'm going to write about in today entry is that I'm officially feel like an Australian people now. Hahaha...Wah, dah x sayang Malaysia ker? Well, of coz la still sayang especially kat uoll Malaysian bloggers. What I meant to say was I did what the Australian people like to do. And that was camping. Hehehe...camla kat Malaysia xde camp activities. Duh!

I went to Nightcap National Park for two days and it was awesome. Beautiful scenery and rain forest plus I got to see the waterfall superb close. And the best part was no snake for me. Pergh...Lega!Still hidup lagi untuk share story dengan uoll semua. So here are some of the photo I took. I hope uoll enjoy and kalau nak tengok other picture, just klik to my facebook profile.


Waterfall at Nightcap National Park

Byron bay.

Byron bay beach

I drink latte for breakfast


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