Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bila Beban Makin Bertambah, WHAT TO DO?

Salam & Annyeonghaseyo ...

Ape khabar? How r u today? Sudah breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner or supper? Wateva u guys r up to hope God bless u all. Dah lame sgt xupdate this blog. Since study ky Aussie nie, busy jer all the tyme. Thanks god still ley bernafas :).

Lately, i had to struggle myself to finish da assignments which will never finish. Lepas finish 1 of them, dtg pulak yg baru. GOSH!!! When will I ever goin to done this craps? Pe2 p0n, tetap gigih wat. If not, spe nk tlg siapkan, right?

But still, dlm duk busy2 tue, de jgk tyme utk diri sendiri. Yup, i have to allocate a tyme for myself from all this madness. What did i do? Well, organiser kt QUT nie rajin wat trip around here. Plus, it is affortable... So why not join diorg jln2 cuci mate kt sini. Last tyme, i went to Strabroke Island and Brown Lake. It was FABULOUS! The view was breath takin sgt. So, i snap2 few pictures for myself. Bile tgk penyu2 and manta ray kt ocean tue, rse lapang jer... Plus sempat feelin2 Titanic kt curam tue. :)

Well, that all my lovely tyme. Now, back to business; ASSIGNMENT! Tada...

That my friend at the edge of the cliff 

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