Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I got 5

Salam & Annyeonghaseyo `(^o^)`

어떻게 당신이 있습니다 or eotteohge dangsin i issseubnida ? maknanyer "apa khabar?"

Huhuhu...pengaruh from watching Korean drama. Semalam just finish tgk drama Oh! My Lady (16 eps). 
Oh! My Lady

2 hari jer dh abiz dh. Cite die xler sehebat Boys Over Flower or My Girlfriend is Guminho, but still i like to watch it. 
Why??? Sbb de Choi Siwon from Super Junior. Don't jeles2 much yerk.
Choi Siwon Super Junior

Anyways, review cite tue xde kene mngena ngn title entri nie.Td after abiz class EDB350, lecturer kasi balik my reflection essay. And i was in band 5 out of 7. Sini system grading die x same ngn malaysia. 5 is mean u good la. 4 is pass. 6 and 7 superb la ur works. But 1-3 ur failed. So, after all da hard work i put on, ckup la tue. Syukur sgt2. Result ini kinda memberi semangat utk success for the next assignment. Hurmm...i wonder what i got for CLB320??? Kena wat literature review pasal waktu makan. Pelik but that the truth. 
So wish me luck!

Yeah 5. Got to work hard next time.

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