Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yeah, I'm FREE...

Salam & Annyeonghaseyo people.

How are you? Hurmm...dah lama xtulis any entry, so malam nie nak cuba rajin2 kan diri untuk start menulis pula. Before this, I was like super busy with my assignment. 3 assignments need to be done by June and I just manage to finish the last 1. YEAH :)... Syukur2 sangat dah siap, sebab mulai malam nie, it is officially holiday for me. No more writing the academic stuff. I can finally have my break. Phew...

Anyway, malam nie yang share something dengan semua orang. Previously, I did help my friends with their projects for making video. Masuk competition. So, I will like to share with you all some tease from the video. This is my first time ever involve with the  production team. Jadi cameraman or cinematography. Check it out

George Baker by farisbukanparis and team


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