Sunday, June 19, 2011

Winter break...and I'm restless

Salam & Annyeonghaseyo

Okay, sekarang nie tengah cuti semperna winter (well, I already done with study for the 1st semester). My holiday aka trip will start next month; July. Now, I still in Brisbane and doing something2 to prevent myself from getting bored. So, couples of days I went out with my friends around here. Sekarang tengah musim sale, banyak la juga baju2 yang sempat beli. Like 5-10$ jer. Sape yang x nak kan??? Besides that, tengah wat marathon tengok cite Charmed season 7th. I miss the Charmed sisters : Paige, Phoebe and Piper. Nasib baik la jumpa DVD kat library. Xde la rasa boring. And baru2 nie I took time to test my photography skill with my friend and it was fun. There were like 300++ of pictures I took and right now tengah selecting which should be used. So later I will post them in here.



  1. waa sale!! shop till you drop? haha..
    charmed.. pernah layan masa muda2 dulu..
    ending boleh thn haha..

  2. yup...winter sale...bley pokai...
    skg nie tgh beralih to Supernatural plak...

  3. best gila dapat p luar negara =D

  4. p for study not melancong... :)

  5. I'm Curious About The Pics You Took =)

  6. lately, I feel not in the mood to post on my blog. But, I'll try to update them as quick as possible