Sunday, May 8, 2011

Walking on a thin ice

Salam, hello & annyeonghaseyo people out there (^x^)

Wishing uoll having a wonderful Sunday.

So, hari ini punya entri is about what I did with my friends during our Easter break holidays. I did do much on that holiday but there a place I went around here. Anyone of you have ever try to skate before? Sape2 yang pernah, angkat tangan macam Usop yerk. :)

Well, this was my first try ever to skate and it was FUN. I did fall couples of time but I enjoyed every moment at there. Masa kat KL dulu x pernah berkesempatan nak try skate, so this time I have too. It was cheap around $11 (discount). The original price will be around $15. As I reached there, OMG it was super cold and I was freezing to death. Hihihi... but the show must go on. And slowly like a baby trying for his first baby steps, I managed to get used with it.

So, here is the video that my friend did. Credit to farisbukanparis for this wonderful and best video ever. Enjoy.


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