Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My life just in 3 minutes

Salam and Annyeonghaseyo uoll.

Well, it has been 2 days I started my classes and it was madness. Each days all I can think about is ASSIGNMENT! (T_T) huhuhu... Apa boleh buat, that my life as a student in QUT. Just be strong and pray for the best. Chayok2 Odydodif; YOU CAN DO IT.

Hari ini punya entry is about this video that I did with my friends. My first time ever creating a video; My baby. Usually I just like to take and edit photos because that what I really love to do. But, create video also not as bad as it look. Moreover I had fun doing it. Minus the part where I had to redo it back because of technical problem with my lappy. Huh!

So, this video is about my journey in here with my friends and patches buddy. Oh, we; the Malaysian students here have our own patches buddy which is the local people aka Australian. Kira macam berkenalan dengan orang sini. You know what I mean. So, each group of 5-6 people will get 1 buddy and we can do what ever we want with our buddy as long as it is something beneficial, appropriate and good stuffs. Like going picnic, playing football or whatever that you can come out with. So, for my group; Me, Chiah, Mayuri, Pucka, Amani and Patrick (our buddy), decided to go for a visit at GOMA aka Gallery of Modern Art at South Bank and also camping. 

We need to record our activities and then present them in Week 10 in a form of video. So, last night my group work so hard to create this sweet video. And I decided to share it with all of you. Hope that you will enjoy watch it. Credit to my friends; Amani, Chiah, Mayuri, Pucka and Patrick for making this video. Thank you.


PS: this is only a slide show of pictures that we took.

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