Sunday, January 30, 2011

Packing Time

Annyeonghaseyo & Hello ~(^o^)~
Few days back were busy days for me. Sekarang nie tengah nak ber'packing' sume barang untuk 'fly' nanti. So, I was making list, shopping all the time, and checking up the latest info from my friends and seniors. Huh, teramat la penat. Talking about shopping, aku sudah mengorbankan sejumlah duit yang agak banyak.  Around RM2000++. For what? Jeng2...untuk camera la. Yeah, finally I got my own DSLR. Well, this tyme aku terpaksa melupakan my dream Sony Nex series because I bought jenama Nikon. (T_T) huhuhu...But, aku rasa berbaloi jugak because dapat banyak barang free. Like;- tripod, 8GB memory card, beg, pencuci camera kit, CD for Nikon software and much2 more. I know that my mom didn't agree with my decision of using that money because she kept it for my future used (lama dah mak aku simpan duit tue. Sejak lahir lagi die dah simpan. TQ MOM). But, I promise her that I'll pay back as soon as possible. Maybe aku wat freelance photographer. Hihihihi...Just wait and see.

Besides that, aku sempat beli new luggage beg. This one I think I was lucky because buy one you'll get free 1. Maka, bertambah la beg dalam rumah nie. Ok la tue. Pagi tadi baru jer masukkan baju-baju dalam beg. kalo dilihat keadaan beg tue, agak kembung jugak la. Aku main sumbat jer dulu. Just for a while. Nak separate kan from other clothes. Agak banyak jugak la baju-baju nak bawa. I think I have to leave few behind. Takut x muat plak. And for tomorrow, I'm going to shopping mall; again ; sebab nak beli beg galas for laptop and maybe 1 more shoe. Hehehe...

This my red luggages. Just only RM419 for both luggages.

That all...May my trip to oversea is blessed by God. Amin...

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